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The association will try to study a method for a non conventional reading and approach, following and proposing an innovative reading criteria which, taking into consideration  present day experiences and consolidated studies, allows for an understanding of the dynamics and the development of our society, awakening a desire for a civil and cultural responsibility and commitment.

“Brick” wants to be a place for communication and comparison with, capable of intercepting, taking in and synthesizing instances and stimuli coming from  various cultural fields and it intends to be open not only to people already fans of the contemporary, but also to a very diversified audience.

The Association in pursuing its mission has identified certain values to stick to:  maintaining excellence in its activities, contributing in the value and awarding “merit”, safe guarding the youth while at the same time reconfirming the excellencies of the past, stimulating a change in sensibility towards a more open and progressive cultural mindset as an added value to our contemporary cultural economy.

“Brick” intends to cooperate with public and private institutions, foundations in the local area and/or cultural agencies and associations on the national and international circle.

The Association has more than one site:  besides the main offices in the center of Siena, it shares an organized open space with an architecture studio and an operational site located in the Senese country side, a few kilometers from the city, which will become the main aspect of the operational method of the Association.

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