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About Us

The center for contemporary research and culture “Brick” was born in Siena in January 2010 from an idea of Lucia Cresti and Andrea Milani.

The two founding members, which have been for years working in the field of art and architecture, see in this new cultural association  a way to give voice to their needs, in the belief that they can and should give a significant contribution to benefit and innovate contemporary culture, firmly convinced of its founding value in today's society.

“Brick” proposes itself as a laboratory for projecting, creativity, and the promoting of cultural activities in various fields (visual arts, music, theater, literature, cinema and dance) with a privileged view on art and architecture.  Its primary objective is analyzing contemporary realities, through multidisciplinary research categories, such as a non “classic”point of view, applying new languages which theorize a contemporary alphabet capable of exploring the various aspects and the various problematic aspects which today's society, in its evolution, poses. 

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